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FAQ & Help

Products related FAQs:

Q1: What is 2mil thickness?
A:   2mil = 0.002 inches thick. The standard household Zipoc® sandwich bags or GLAD® sandwich bags are 1.15~1.5mil. The heavier freezer bags are between 1.75~3mil thickness.

Q2: How thick is a 13micron can liner?
A:   1 micron = 1/1,000,000th of a meter. Use micron to measure High Density Plastic bags, For example, a 13micron HDPE can liner means "a bag made by HDPE film with thickness 13micron (0.51mil).

Q3: Is it safe to freeze foods in a ziplock or poly bag?
A:   Yes, all our ziplock bags are made by 100% virgin polyethylene film meets FDA and USDA requirements. It's save for storing food. We also recommend 4mil ziplock bags to storage food contained a large of water to prevent to loss moisture and keep food fresh as long.


Ordering & shipping related FAQs:

Q4: Is it safe to place an order from our website?
A:   Yes, all credit card transactions placed with us are handled automatically by the Paypal credit card process center, an eBay company. A Paypal secured system to process your order. We don't collect any credit card number and related information.

Q5: How can I charge to my credit card and not use my PayPal account?
A:   We use PayPal company to process all the credit card payments. You can charge to your credit card without logging into your PayPal account. Please follow a few steps to complete your order by using credit card without using your PayPal account.


STEP 1.)
After your review your shopping cart contents and total amount of your order showing on "Step 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation" page. Click "confirm order" button to direct you to PayPal security website to handle your payment.   


STEP 2.) On the PayPal security page showing the total amount you will be charge. Please click "Continue" to pay via credit card instead of using your PayPal account.



STEP 3.) On the PayPal security page, fill up your credit card information, and click "Review Order and Continue" button.



STEP 4.) On the PayPal security page, if you have a PayPal account, PayPal wants to puch you you charge via your PayPal account. But you can just click "Continue without logging in" to complete your order to charge to your credit card instead of your PayPal account.



STEP 5.) On the PayPal securit page, it shows your order was completed and you also will receive an email to comfirm your order.


*** If you can not use your credit card  because you have the same credit card associated with your PayPal account. Please login your PayPal account. You can still charge on your credit card as long as your primary payment menthod in your PayPal account is credit card only and there is no balance in your PayPal account. (please contact PayPal customer services for details)

*** What is the benefit when you pay with your PayPal account?  PayPal offers "PayPal Purchase Protection" (please check PayPal website for details )



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